The Vertimax V-8 System is a revolutionary training aid that allows for even resistance through multiple planes of motion. Functional training taken to the next level is achieved with this product. Common band or bungee training devices are great, but the problem is that, in these modes, resistance is increased as the bands or cords are stretched. Thus, an uneven and non-fluid motion is created as the athlete is bound down.

The key to the Vertimax V-8 system is the multiple pulley setup, which allows an even force to be applied to the athlete as he/she moves in any direction, whether it is horizontal, lateral, or vertical. Even rotational forces and centrifugal forces, as in swinging a golf club or a baseball bat, can be applied using the system. The bungee cords in the system are wound through multiple pulleys and, thus, a longer pull from each cord is created. This allows for a much more even force to be applied to the attachment point without increasing the resistance as the cord is stretched. This also creates a smoother, more even recoil force.

Vertimax V-8 has a very simple rail attachment on the platform that allows the user endless attachment sites and abilities to create virtually any angle of resistance that he/she can want. Another unique feature is the ability to attach up to eight different points on to the body, as the platform has four vertical cords extending upwards through the platform and another four that can attach to the rail system along the inner edges of the platform. The cords can also be adjusted with one hand efficiently and quickly with a simple pull and sliding motion through the clamps mounted on the platform.

The deck of the V-8 system is very solid and can take repeated high impact jumps over and over from the largest of athletes. The system has a simple single buckle waist belt that itself can be used to attach the resistance cords as well. There are also thigh, hand, and ankle attachments that can be used separately or simultaneously to create an endless number of exercises and drills.

Running, jumping, kicking, throwing, and much more can be trained with the Vertimax V-8 System. Any sport can be broken down into functional movements and trained to gain improvements in athletic performance. The unit is great for everyone, even the average person trying to stay in shape and wanting to stay away from free weights and train in circuits. This product is perfect for all ages and does not apply a huge load to stress joints and bones perfect for adolescents and older adults.

For trainers, biomechanics experts, and physiotherapists of elite professional and Olympics athletes, this is an invaluable tool. Whether training the central nervous system, speed endurance, balance and stability, or explosive power, the Vertimax V-8 system allows the user the flexibility to train functionally safely while under resistance. This is the easiest system to train multiple appendages at the same time and still maintain functional safe movement that does not overload the athletes and decreases the chances of injury. While providing resistance on the body, the deep intrinsic stabilization muscles, which are difficult to train with free weights, weighted vests, or cable systems, are all tested and trained.

It is also a great tool to use to test where breaking or failure points are on biomechanical movements by seeing improper form, which is sometimes overseen and overlooked. As the body is loaded with resistance, weak links in the chain are observed much more easily and can then be corrected and improved on. It can train each side of the body separately in motion evenly and create a much more symmetrical firing pattern and, therfore, decrease the chance of injury in practice or competition.

The Vertimax V-8 is a great tool in the training room and on the field of play to get faster, stronger, more powerful, and efficient athletes.