You may have seen @tracknationusa interacting with @vertimax recently on social, and you may be asking what’s going on?

Well, several TrackNation athletes from Justin Gatlin, Marvin Bracy, to Curtis Mitchell have been using the VertiMax to improve their speed, strength, and explosiveness. These pros got to where they are because they train harder and smarter with the guidance from their trainers. The best part about the VertiMax is it’s versatility and potential for athletes at all levels in their sport. Meet Casey Makey, a dad, husband, teacher, and track coach for young athletes in Seward, Nebraska.


1. What do you love about track & field?

You cannot hide in track and field, as it is the ultimate individual sport and requires mental toughness at all times to literally compete against yourself.

2. How does a typical practice look like with you? How do you integrate VertiMax?

As a coach, I try to incorporate specific movements that the athlete would use in their events and translate that onto the Vertimax workouts. For example, a high jumper that has a really effective drive knee upon takeoff generally creates more momentum upward over the bar. Thus, the VertiMax is effective in that regard because we can bring out a plyo box and hook the athlete up to specifically work on driving the knee (one foot on the box, one foot on the floor and drive up the knee quickly and repeatedly) right from the box to replicate that movement.

3. What are your favorite drills on the VertiMax?

This drill is the Forward Box Jumps, double leg and single leg. We place a box in front of the VM, and jump with both legs up onto the box and then back down. Bungees would be hooked to the belt from the side and behind the athlete. In this drill, I want to see that athletes are stabilizing themselves and gaining control against the resistance upon jumping to the box and back down. This helps to strengthen the muscles and connective tissues that are surrounding the joint(s) being used for their specific events. For example, in high jump, the plant leg/knee/ankle takes a tremendous amount of force and impact upon takeoff. The muscles and tissues in that leg/joint have to be able to withstand that to achieve maximum explosion off of the ground. This drill helps those muscles and tissues to stabilize, attain control, and repeat.

4. Have you seen a difference in your athletes after utilizing a VertiMax regime?

One of our best athletes on the team has gained 3 inches on his best high jump from 5’10” last year to 6’1” this year, 3.5 FEET on his best long jump (17’7” last year to 21’0.75” this year), has gone from 44.00 seconds last year in the 300m hurdles to 41.59 this year, and has decreased his 100m and 200m dash times throughout the year. He is always asking if we can “get on the VertiMax.” The only problem is we have is just having one of them. I would love to get two or three more machines!




5. What motivates you personally?

Motivation for me is seeing the athletes succeed and watching them be recognized for it. I want them to have the same positive experiences that I had and help them to realize that they can push themselves physically and mentally, sometimes to the breaking point, and know that it was all worth it in the end.

If Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin uses it and a hard-working coach from Nebraska, you too can be part of #TeamVertimax. To see how VertiMax can help your speed training, vertical jump, and explosiveness, visit