Time Stands Still with ROGER KINGDOM

In his high hurdling heyday, Roger Kingdom was the “baddest man on the planet.” The Georgia native was drawn to the University of Pittsburgh on a football scholarship, but found more success on the Panther track team, earning two NCAA hurdle titles. According to the bio on his website,, it was “after winning his [...]

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VERTIMAX V-8 Speed Trainer

The Vertimax V-8 System is a revolutionary training aid that allows for even resistance through multiple planes of motion. Functional training taken to the next level is achieved with this product. Common band or bungee training devices are great, but the problem is that, in these modes, resistance is increased as the bands or cords [...]

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Now those are some TrackNation spikes!

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Track & Field training exercises

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Improve Your 5k Time With This Simple Speed Workout

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You Can Run! – How to Get Started

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Strengthen Your Core In Only 6 Minutes!

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Zero to 5K Training Program

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Out-Kick the Competition

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TrackSide Magazine – Training with Steven Benedict

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