Muscle Strains: What Are They and How To Treat Them

In any sport, at some point, you will hear about an athlete experiencing (or you will experience) what is referred to as a muscle strain, pull, or tear. Muscle injuries are common and can happen to anyone, not just professional athletes. What is the true definition of muscle strain, and how do you know if [...]

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Ocho Cinco is officially a TrackHead!!!

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Time Stands Still with ROGER KINGDOM

In his high hurdling heyday, Roger Kingdom was the “baddest man on the planet.” The Georgia native was drawn to the University of Pittsburgh on a football scholarship, but found more success on the Panther track team, earning two NCAA hurdle titles. According to the bio on his website,, it was “after winning his [...]

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DOC PATTON – On to the Next Race

Even though Doc Patton retired from competitive racing in November 2013, he is certainly not done with track. The sprinter, who earned two World Championship gold medals in the 400-meter relay, as well as a pair of Olympic silvers in the same event, was still making noise on the straightaway in 2013 at the advanced [...]

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VERTIMAX V-8 Speed Trainer

The Vertimax V-8 System is a revolutionary training aid that allows for even resistance through multiple planes of motion. Functional training taken to the next level is achieved with this product. Common band or bungee training devices are great, but the problem is that, in these modes, resistance is increased as the bands or cords [...]

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200m World Champ bronze medalist showing off the new NTC Track!

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Dopest. Pic. Eva.

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Now those are some TrackNation spikes!

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S/O to Star Athletics!

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